Since the quality requirement within the pharmaceutical business is uncompromising, our efforts to meet and exceed the strict principles of a good manufacturing practice have resulted in the company acquiring important GMP standards and ISO certificates, as well as undergoing numerous audits by the existing and/or new partners.

The quality of our products and services is our key priority, providing our customers with a safe and efficient product as quickly as possible. For us quality is not only a matter of meeting prescribed demands; we believe that quality is a way of thinking and a basis for regular activity. This philosophy leads us to excellence we aim for, which makes us stand out.

The road from conception of a new product to markets and customers is often highly complex, but regardless of the type of product and procedure complexity, at JGL we always implement the same high-quality standards. This is why our products which do not belong to the group of drugs (food supplements, cosmetic products) have been developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the strict pharmaceutical standards.


Along with the basic production processes, the unique and integrated quality system at JGL also encompasses all other processes, essential for company development and sustainable growth. We thus use optimized and efficient processes to have the competitive edge, and make our products available to everyone at any time.


The fundamental guideline of the quality management system at JGL is continuous improvement, with active and continuous participation of all employees - everyone contributes to the final quality of our products.


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