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Patient Information Leaflet

Complete line of products for ENT problems

Aqua Maris is designed for daily use, at home and on-the-move. Our product range addresses the specific needs of infants, children and adults, providing relief for breathing difficulties, supporting the body’s defences against colds and flu and assisting in managing sinus problems, allergies and rhinitis. Aqua Maris also benefits people who experience dry air-conditioned environments, and polluted air at work or in the city.

Because Aqua Maris products are taken into the human body – including babies and young children – purity and gentleness are of prime importance. Based on purified seawater from the Adriatic, our products contain no preservatives or additives and are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards for sterile production, in accordance with European GMP standards.

Aqua Maris Classic
Aqua Maris Strong
Aqua Maris Baby spray

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