Allergic rhinitis - help comes from the sea


Alenka Jajac-Knez MD, JGL d.d. Rijeka


Nose function is important

The nose and paranasal sinuses form the beginning of the respiratory system, which is why the proper functioning of the nose is important for the overall process of breathing. The proper functioning of the nose is made possible by its special structure, with a special emphasis on the respiratory mucus membrane covered with fimbriae. The fimbriae are constantly moving towards the pharynx and thus remove harmful particles from the nose (bacteria, viruses, allergens).


Preconditions for proper functioning of the nose are appropriate temperature, pH and especially moisture. Although the nasal mucosa protects itself from drying out by redirecting air flow from one nostril to the other approximately every thirty minutes, we should also help it, especially in our daily hygiene or during respiratory system illnesses.


Fear of the spring

Spring, the season which brings the problem of allergies, is before us. Manifestation of allergy is often connected to the nose, which is why both children and adults should pay special attention to its hygiene. Generally speaking, allergies are our body's response to the contact with some factors from the environment, when it reacts by activating the defense system. Sometimes this reaction is so strong that it results in damage to some organs, which is known as hypersensitivity reactions. The substance causing the reaction is called an allergen, and the events in our body are known as the immunological response.


The cause of allergies has not been fully determined, but we do know that some people are genetically predisposed and that some environmental factors, such as air pollution, may prompt the onset of allergies.


When allergens aim at the nose

Allergies can be manifested on various organs and with different clinical features. If the allergy occurs in the nose, this is called allergic rhinitis. The year-long allergic rhinitis is usually caused by contact with dust, mould, pet hair, while seasonal allergic rhinitis is activated in the spring and is brought on by blossoming of certain plants whose pollen is a strong allergen. After coming into contact with the pollen, the body will try to defend itself. The antibodies bind the antigen on the mucous membrane of the shock organ (nose), various substances, such as histamine and similar substances, are released, blood vessels become dilated, smooth muscles are contracted, the activity of serous glands is enhanced, and so on. As a result, the affected person has very unpleasant clinical features - itching, sneezing, nose secretion, congested nose, reduced olfactory senses, often accompanied by itching and tearing of the eyes, dark circles under the eyes and exhaustion, which are, unfortunately, well known symptoms and elements of spring to many people.


Help from the sea

Although there is no cure for allergies, after the diagnosis has been made, a symptomatic therapy will make life easier for everyone fearing the spring. Firstly, it is necessary to avoid allergens, while further approach depends on the severity of clinical symptoms. In terms of therapy, individually or in combination, you might be submitted to hyposenzibilization, general or local administration of antihistamines or corticosteroids and surgical interventions to the nasal mucosa.


Considering the complexity of the problem, new attempts to find possible forms of help are constantly made, which is why seawater has also found its place in the context of allergic rhinitis. After many trials, considerations and studies, our Adriatic Sea, which is still crystal clear in many parts, has become available in a completely different way - as Aqua Maris.


In order to be used as a form of help in treatment, seawater must be adapted, isotonised and sterile, with its wealth of minerals and oligoelements preserved. Isotonic seawater has an antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral effect. Furthermore, it helps maintain and normalize the function of fimbrial epithelium of the nasal mucosa, reduce secretion and regenerate the mucous membrane. It can be constantly used for treating symptoms of allergic rhinitis, for an unlimited period of time and several times a day. It is important to note that it can be used in combination with all orally administered drugs or drugs administered locally to the nasal mucosa; in fact, it will provide welcome help.


Seawater- first aid for a cold


Darko Manestar MD, prof. Specialist in otorhinolaryngology,
Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, KBC Rijeka


What is a cold?

NLow temperatures and low humidity are likely to favour virus activities, and confine us indoors. Those two factors are the most important ones in development of a cold which we so frequently mention in the winter. A cold is actually an infection of the upper respiratory tract which can be caused by about 200 viruses. It is usually mild, and it lasts for a few days, but it usually recurs, especially in children. Apart from the throat ache, sneezing, headache and elevated temperature, nasal congestion is a leading symptom including a clear nasal discharge which makes it difficult to breathe.


How do you treat a cold?

A cold is treated symptomatically. First of all, we want to get rid of nasal congestion. Nose drops should not be administrated for more than 7 days. Sea water can also help relieve cold symptoms.


How seawater affects respiratory system?

Ever since ancient times, stay at the seaside has been recommended to people who had problems with respiratory system. It is a scientific fact that sea water has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and regenerative effects to the respiratory system mucosa. Sea water has the said effects because all its ingredients are in balance. Sea water composition is very complex: sodium and chlorine ions and abundance of elements such as iodine, magnesium, copper and many others are balanced in such manner as man has never been able to recreate.


Seawater- aid in curing a cold

Today, we have a product on the market that contains natural sea water with effects that are useful if you have a cold. Sprayed into the nasal cavity, sea water will ease the removal of mucus, which is especially important prior amdinistering decongestive nose drops, but also for nasal hygiene. Its antiseptic and regenerative effect shall reduce intensity of disturbances and regenerate nasal mucosa.

Apart from adults, sea water can be used even very young children for an unlimited period of time.

Cold distracts us in our everyday activities, and it is in the most common reason for visiting GP and paediatrician offices. It is therefore good to learn how to help oneself. People have relied on nature alone for centuries. Islanders and coastal inhabitants believe that sea is a symbol of life and health. We believe in science and modern science recognized medicinal benefits of seawater for respiratory health. Therefore- breathe in the sea.


Seawater helps mouth and throat


Alenka Jajac-Knez, MD, JGL d.d., Rijeka


The man has used and valued the healing effects of seawater since ancient times. Thanks to its composition and the fact that it is one of the purest seas in the world, today we retain the same respect for the Adriatic Sea.


Everyday obligations and lack of free time often do not allow us to enjoy the nature. Aqua Maris is designed to make the sea available to us whenever we need it in today's hectic life, and its technology enables comfortable use. Aqua Maris throat spray contains hypertonic and sterilized seawater from the Adriatic. Seawater contains sodium, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, sulphate, bicarbonate, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc and many other trace elements. Sodium and chlorine ions stimulate regeneration of a damaged mucus membrane; bicarbonates contribute to the dilution of mucus and clearing of the mucus membrane, and calcium and magnesium have an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. So far these effects have been used for the hygiene and treatment of congested nose during colds and allergic rhinitis and as a form of effective help after surgery to the nasal cavity, because Aqua Maris maintains and normalises the natural mechanisms of nose cleaning, reduces secretion and helps the restoration of the mucosa.


However, recent research has shown that the nose is not the only part of our body Aqua Maris can benefit. Using Aqua Maris in the oral cavity and the throat has also many beneficial effects that should be mentioned.


The oral cavity and the pharynx form the initial part of the digestive system, but also a part of the respiratory system, which is why their health is affected by breathing and eating. Dry mouth and throat, bad breath, infections, frequent visits to the doctor's office and medical interventions to this area are a sign that we must also take care of the health and hygiene of this part of our body.


When we have a case of bad breath

Bad breath can signal a serious health problem and should not be ignored. It is usually caused by food remaining between the teeth and dead cells accumulating on the tongue as a result of inadequate hygiene of the oral cavity. Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking spicy food, as well as thick saliva or its inadequate production contribute to this condition.

Aqua Maris throat spray will help remove food remains, dilute the saliva and keep the oral cavity wet, thus contributing to the basic hygiene of the oral cavity.


The sea for dry mouth and throat

The sensation of dryness occurs due to lack of saliva in the oral cavity. This can be a result of excessive drying or its inadequate production.
Mouth dryness is often due to breathing through the mouth when we have a congested nose caused by a cold or an allergy. This causes a personal feeling of discomfort, but can also lead to an infection of the pharynx mucosa. Dryness can also be caused by improper functioning of salivary glands. Acute salivary glands infections are mostly due to pathogenic microorganisms. The affected gland is swollen and painful, and the pain gets worse during eating because more saliva that cannot be removed is produced. Mistreatment or failure to treat an acute infection can lead to a chronic infection. An important element in the treatment of salivary glands infection is the hygiene and moisturising of the oral cavity. Regular use of the Aqua Maris throat spray will keep the mucosa moist. Seeing as, unlike many other products for oral cavity hygiene, this preparation does not contain alcohol, there is no danger of further drying out of the mucosa after repeated use. The regenerative effect of the sodium and chlorine will reduce the possibility of infection and treat the main problems.

The mouth burns and the throat hurts

Oral cavity infection can be caused by heat-related or mechanical stimulants formed through the consumption of hot or solid food, but it can also be caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Burning sensations, excessive saliva production, aphthae or tiny ulcers are some of the symptoms of this infection.

A sore throat can be a result of an acute or chronic pharynx or tonsil infection. A symptom of acute infection is a sore throat with painful swallowing, caused by bacteria or viruses. In case of chronic conditions the pain is less intense but it is present in the long term, often accompanied by dry, irritable cough. It usually relates to chronic nose obstruction, dry air, exposure to dust, or is connected to infections of neighbouring organs, for example paranasal sinuses. Thanks to its balanced ratio of salt and microelements, Aqua Maris kills the agents of the infection by attacking their cell membranes. Also, it has a beneficial effect on pharynx and tonsil cells, it stimulates their cleaning, prevents infection and helps regeneration. Thus it alleviates discomfort and helps treatment.

The surgery is over, but the pain remains

Recovery after any surgical procedure requires plenty of patience, proper care and time until we reach full recovery. Even with smallest interventions nothing is possible over night. Oral cavity and throat are especially sensitive, because any instance of lack of attention, cold or hot food, too much talking and other aspects of everyday life may cause discomfort. Aqua Maris helps maintain hygiene and speeds up the recovery of the damaged mucosa on the operated spot.

For "big" and "little" mouths and throats

Aqua Maris has no side effects and can be used by adults and children for daily hygiene and as help during treatment for as long as you wish.We should once more take advantage of all the benefits of seawater, used in medical treatment for many centuries. Let's have it with us even when we cannot go to it!

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