THE ADRIATIC SEA, clearest drops of the Mediterranean


The core ingredient of Aqua Maris products for ear, nose and throat is purified seawater from the Adriatic. Rated as one of the cleanest seas in Europe, by the European Environment Agency, the Adriatic Sea is widely recognized for its benefits for a healthy respiratory tract.

Although a part of the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea is a rather unique body of water due to its unique geomorphologic specifications. According to researches, the Adriatic Sea water completely changes (turnover time) within 3,3-5 years which is remarkable compared to some seas with turnover time of up to 40 years.

The transparency of the Adriatic is up to 56 meters (184 feet), which compared to many other bodies of water is really incredible. Additionally, clarity and the unique and recognizable true blue color of water makes this gem even more special. Salinity of the Adriatic sea is 38‰ which is again higher than the world average.

If you consider that the Mediterranean Sea is known for the rich underworld of wildlife, the Adriatic is the center for many endemic species and biotope for between 5.000-6.000 explored species. The average primary production of a field Posidonia oceanica is larger than the average primary production of a tropical rain forest. Therefore, the oxygen saturation of the Adriatic Sea is greater than the average.

Croatian coast is also specific for the rare geomorphologic formations - the limestone (karst) and this area has the highest concentration of karst in the world.  The Velebit mountain range (1.750 meters/ 1 mi in height and 145 km/ 90 mi in length) represents the largest limestone mountain in the world, the most unique phenomenon of its kind, a creation that began 260 million years ago. The Velebit region is an exquisite and unusual place where the sea and the mountains meet with rich beech and black pine forests. Deep canyons that cut vertically into the Velebit ridge create unique karst relief with numerous caves and pits. Underground rivers running down the canyons and pouring down in the sea create boiling effects on the sea water. Deep underneath this amazing area of Velebit where the sea water is mixed with purified and clean water, enriched by the calcium, dripping from the mountains covered in krast, brushed by the wind which brings good health and good weather, is where Aqua Maris comes from.

Purity of the Adriatic Sea is now conveniently available throughout the year with Aqua Maris wide range of products, to solve all your ENT problems.

Use the power of the Adriatic Sea and breathe in every moment.


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