Trusted brand

Grounded firmly in pharmacological expertise, Aqua Maris is a brand which paediatricians, GPs and family doctors, pharmacists and ear, nose and throat specialists can trust. Our field representatives are medical and pharmaceutical professionals, and medical opinion leaders assist in researching and communicating the therapeutic benefits of our products.

International presence

The Aqua Maris brand was launched in Croatia in 1999, and within two years the brand was present in 6 new markets including the demanding Russian market. During the years of rapid growth both in sales and assortment, the brand portfolio grew from one product, still our biggest selling product - the Aqua Maris nasal spray, to a complete line providing natural solution and care for ENT problems. Today, Aqua Maris brand is present in over 30 markets across three continents.


With the 14 years experience of production and promotion of seawater-based products in over 30 countries, we`re proud to anounce that by the end of 2012 we`ve sold our 82nd milionth product. Furthermore, continuous improvement of our products, dedication to quality and collaboration with experts with the aim of educating the public, have given us the opportunity to be among the top two world producers of seawater-based products.

Lift the senses

Aqua Maris is designed for daily use, at home and on the move. Our range of products is specified for self-care by older children and adults, and for parental care of infants. Based on the cleansing, energising waters of the sea, our products bring freshness to users each day and are integral to a modern healthy lifestyle.

Aqua Maris, lift the senses.

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