Long tradition in Thalassotherapy

Seas and oceans have always magically attracted people. For the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans bathing cures were considered important medical treatments.

Thalassotherapy refers to a full body and mind treatment based on an ancient belief in the natural medicinal, physical and chemical healing properties of seawater. The expression is derived from the Greek “thalassos” meaning “sea” and “therapia” meaning healing. Today, thalassotherapy is often used as a natural treatment for various medical conditions and has become a popular stress reduction and relaxation technique.




In 1885, the Austrian Southern Railway Company organised the first congress of balneologists (the science of baths and bathing)  in city of Abbazia (nowadays Opatija), located in the Bay of Kvarner of the North Adriatic Sea, during which the decision was made to declare Opatija a „climatic health resort“, which was officially done in 1889. Some of the Monarchy’s most eminent physicians opened their sanatoriums in Opatija. This strengthened Opatija’s position as the most fashionable tourist resort for many elite Italians and Austrians, including the Austrian empress Maria Anna. In years to follow, Opatija became one of the biggest healing centers in Southern Europe with 12 sanatoriums and 62 partitioning physicians in 1912.


Today, thalassotherapy resorts and health institutions along the Croatian coast, with a long tradition of professional use of seawater for healing, particularly for respiratory illnesses, provide the best nature has to offer - pure and clear Adriatic seawater, rich in minerals and living organisms, along with pristine natural environments with a mild climate and amazing scenery.


Some of the best-known thalassotherapy and medical centres in Croatia are located in Opatija (since 1889), Crikvenica (since 1906) and on the islands of Rab (since 1913) and Veli Lošinj (since 1892).


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