The Adriatic heritage and pharmaceutical standards

Aqua Maris is dedicated to development and production of quality seawater products for ENT problems, integrating the Adriatic thalassotherapy properties with pharmaceutical expertise. We are leaders in harnessing the power of seawater to benefit human health.

Based on purified seawater from the Adriatic, our products contain no preservatives or additives and are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards for sterile production, in accordance with European GMP standards.


Production - a highly supervised process

The composition of seawater is very complex and impossible to recreate in an artificial environment. Seawater is a live material and thus the AQUA MARIS production including seawater extraction is complicated and a highly supervised process.

Although the exact location of where the seawater is extracted is secret, collection is conducted according to precisely defined Procedure Guidelines regulating the depth at which the seawater is drawn, the distance from the coast and even the weather conditions to ensure the minimal fluctuations of trace elements and other parameters of seawater quality at the time of extraction. Transportation modes include specially designed boat/ truck tanks, pumps and pipelines. In the JGL production facility the production process is almost entirely automated and is being continuously monitored by highly specialized personnel.

The aseptic process is controlled at all times in terms of air pressure, air velocity, temperature and the number of particles in the air which require daily microbiological monitoring of workspace, equipment and personnel. Each series produced is observed and checked to defined specifications, primarily microbiological parameters, and is released into circulation only after Quality Control expert’s approval.

JGL is a longstanding expert in the development and production of both pharmaceutical and seawater - based nasal solutions, reflected in the GMP and ISO certificates issued to JGL by European compliance authorities.


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