Aqua Maris efficacy was proven and confirmed through numerous clinical studies.

AQUA MARIS – An Investigation Of The Use Of Aqua Maris In The Treatment Of Diseases Of The Nose And Paranasal Sinuses.

A study was carried out in which Aqua Maris was used to treat 44 adult patients with diseases of the nose and accessory nasal sinuses (with a control group comprising 36 patients) and 12 children with chronic adenoiditis (15 children being controls). Adult diseases included acute viral infection, allergic and non-allergic vasomotor rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis and acute and chronic sinusitis.

Aqua Maris was used for 5-7 days as part of routine basic therapy appropriate to the patient’s condition. The study patients irrigated their nasal cavity with Aqua Maris in 1-2 doses 3-4 times a day.

Results: Day 2 of Aqua Maris Use



79,8% of the examinees had better nasal breathing on day 2 of treatment whereas the same was observed in the controls just on day 4.

Increased Count on Functionality Active Ciliated Epithelial Cells



The count of functionality active ciliated epithelial cells increased in all the AQUA MARIS groups on days 5-6 of treatment and on days 8-9 in controls.


Aqua Maris contributes to the improvement of metabolic energy processes in the epithelial cells of the nose and accessory nasal sinuses, which in turn leads to nasal breathing recovery.

The fact that the spray mechanically washes viral particles from the nasal mucosa reduces a risk for disease. Trace elements, magnesium in particular, that are constituents of the sea water Aqua Maris, are involved in the mechanism of energy balance of epithelial cells, which will enhance their resistance to viral and bacterial aggression. Thus Aqua Maris can be used as an effective, environmentally pure medicament, to treat patients with diseases of the nose and accessory nasal sinuses and promote the prevention of respiratory diseases.

Ref: Kiselev A., Tkachuk I. The Spray Aqua Maris in the Treatment of Diseases of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses. Proceedings of XVI meeting of Otolarhinolarynoglogists of the Russian Federation - Saint Petersburg. RA-AMI. 2001, pg 598-601.

Other studies:

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